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Resolving Disputes With Litigation

When you need help with a legal fight, you can turn to a lawyer who knows how to handle it with smart moves and a good understanding of the facts and rules. Matthew Cunanan from DC Law Group in Seattle works with people all over Washington State. He deals with all kinds of legal battles, like going to court, working things out before getting to court, and handling appeals if you disagree with a court decision.

People sometimes need to go to court to fix problems with businesses or personal issues. The dispute might involve a company breaking a promise or if there’s a family disagreement about a will. Going to court provides a way to make sure everyone is heard. The court can make decisions that everyone has to follow and which are usually fair.

Even though it takes a while, going to court can end a problem for good with a decision backed up by the law. Going to court is the next step if people can’t agree on a solution by talking it out or with a mediator’s help. When the court case is over, you can move on.

Types Of Cases

DC Law Group works with either side in a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Broken promises and duties, money issues, insurance problems, ownership disputes, and unfair benefits
  • Arguments between businesses, consumers and businesses, company owners, and issues within nonprofit organizations
  • Disagreements about wills, trusts, and the roles of executors or trustees
  • Protecting adults who can’t protect themselves, financial issues, guardianship, and protection from stalking or harassment
  • Bankruptcy-related claims
  • Issues with land boundaries, damage from sewers, and ownership claims

It’s normal to find a fair solution before the trial ends, and we’re open to finishing the fight without the judge’s final decision if it’s best for our client.

When You Need A Lawyer In Court

People might think all lawyers are always in court, but that’s untrue. Matthew Cunanan is one of the lawyers who often represents clients in court. To talk about your legal issues, you can reach out to us for a free chat. Call 206-677-9630 or visit our contact page. We offer initial consultations.