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About Our Firm

Matthew Cunanan founded DC Law Group in 2010. His goal, now achieved, was to establish a client-oriented litigation practice fully equipped with all the bells and whistles of a boutique downtown law firm combined with a genuine and hospitable small-town neighborhood feel that always welcomes the general public.

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Over the past decade, our law firm experienced an astonishing period of rapid growth that allowed DC Law Group to further cement our position in the legal community by transitioning into general counsel positions at several Fortune 500 companies. Our clients’ continued trust in handling their incredibly elaborate financial matters required us to expand into more complex litigation services for nonprofits and small business, probate, personal injury claims, employment law and more.

Serving Our Clients

Whether you need advice and counseling for a hypothetical legal question or potential litigation representation through a class action lawsuit, we focus on maximizing all available protections for you, your family, your business, your reputation, your sanity and your income. We handle every case with a personal touch, making sure our clients can successfully achieve their goals and equitably resolve disputes.

We consistently obtain favorable court orders, judgments, settlements and verdicts for our clients, but at the end of the day, our job is to stop the bleeding or to provide you with a check containing the money you deserve.

A Skilled Courtroom Litigator

Many assume that all lawyers spend their days arguing cases in court, but the reality is that very few do. DC Law Group‘s Matthew Cunanan is one of the few. His litigation background is broad, handling a business’s breach of contract dispute, bad faith insurance, contesting a will, construction defects or motor vehicle accidents.

Responsive To Your Needs

Great communication is the cornerstone of impeccable representation, so we will always strive to provide open channels of contact for our clients. The door is always open even without an appointment, and we will always strive to return your email or voicemail within 48 hours.

If you are looking for attorneys with experience, compassion and zeal, schedule a free consultation today. Call 206-677-9630 or contact us through our website page. We offer free initial consultations.