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Maximizing Organizational Potential With Experienced Legal Support

Many assume that for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations are worlds apart. This is true in some ways but untrue in others. Either way,  a knowledgeable Seattle-based business attorney is critical to Washington State nonprofits and SMEs regardless of their mission or profit orientation.

DC Law Group‘s attorney Matthew Cunanan has over 15 years of experience guiding Seattle and Washington State organizations through the complexities of compliance, liability, and employment law. The DC Law Group ensures that clients operate within the bounds of the law and avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Navigating Nonprofit Legalities

Nonprofits encounter specific legal challenges that require specialized attention:

  1. Tax exemption status: Securing and maintaining 501(c)(3) status is complex and requires detailed IRS compliance.
  2. Charitable Solicitation Laws: These regulations vary by state and must be adhered to for fundraising activities.
  3. Governance issues: Nonprofits must follow strict governance structures and bylaws suited to their tax-exempt nature.
  4. Reporting requirements: Regular state and federal filings are mandatory to ensure transparency and accountability.

Failure to meet expectations can impact the long-term viability of a nonprofit.

Unique SME Hurdles

Small-to-medium-sized businesses face their own set of legal challenges:

  1. Employment Law: They must navigate employee rights, benefits, and termination procedures.
  2. Contracts and agreements: All dealings with vendors, customers, and partners must be legally sound.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Adhere to industry-specific regulations and licensing requirements.

Businesses need to review these matters regularly to ensure they are up to date.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Every Organizational Need

Our firm offers a suite of services tailored to the legal needs of both nonprofits and SMEs:

  • Incorporation: Establishing the legal foundation of your organization.
  • Contract drafting: Crafting agreements that protect your interests.
  • Drafting formation documents: Creating bylaws and articles that govern your organization’s operations.
  • Restructuring: Adapting your organization to the changing business landscape.
  • Winding down: Handling the legal aspects of business cessation or nonprofit dissolution.
  • Dispute resolution: Effectively managing conflicts to minimize disruption and liability.
  • Real estate: Handling the complexities of property leases or purchases for operations.
  • Intellectual property: Protecting the brand and content is essential, whether it is nonprofits maintaining trust and authority and businesses protecting the profitability of their products and services.

This long list is not comprehensive, and changes in laws and regulations often require changes.

A Must For Stability And Growth

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