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When you are buying your first home, you likely have a lot of questions about what is involved in the process and about what you will need to do. In the vast majority of cases, the best way to get some of your key questions answered is by a Seattle Real Estate Attorney . Many first time buyers question whether they really need a Seattle Real Estate Attorney for a first purchase or for a smaller purchase, especially if they already have a real estate agent. The answer, in most cases, is that even a first-time buyer of a residential property can generally benefit from the advice of a Seattle Real Estate Attorney .

The role of a Seattle Real Estate Attorney is different from that of a real estate agent and only your Seattle Real Estate Attorney is equipped to give you legal advice on the purchase you are entering into. Your Seattle Real Estate Attorney will help you in handling issues related to title insurance on the home, and will provide you with advice on financing and on the mortgage agreement that you are entering into. A Seattle Real Estate Attorney is also going to be the best person to give you advice on whether your contract for sale- your purchase and sale agreement- is truly protective of your legal interests.

Many first time buyers don’t have the experience needed to watch out for their own legal rights when the buy a house. They may sign the offer and the purchase and sale agreement without checking for the proper contingencies and without making sure the agreement is fair and advantageous. A real estate agent typically only uses standard form contracts and won’t be able to give a first-time buyer the essential help with these issues, but a Seattle Real Estate Attorney can and will give legal advice that will help buyers to make an informed choice.