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If you own property and you wish to rent it out to residential or commercial tenants, you may be uncertain of how to get started or of what type of help you need. One question that you may have is whether a Seattle Real Estate Attorney can assist you with your lease. Likewise, if you are a commercial or a residential tenant who is about to enter into a leasing agreement, you may be uncertain as far as where to turn for legal advice and guidance. Fortunately, a Seattle Real Estate Attorney can help both residents/tenants and landlords with issues related to commercial and residential leases. Not only can a Seattle Real Estate Attorney help with a lease, but you should consult with a Seattle Real Estate Attorney in order to make sure that the lease is fair and protective of your interests and legal rights.

When you enter into a lease agreement, the contract is a legally binding contract. This means you are required to comply with the terms of the lease and the other party is also required to comply with any of his obligations or requirements set forth in the lease. Failure on the part of either party to comply with the terms and conditions of the lease can result in a breach of contract and a lawsuit arising from that breach.

Since you are legally bound by a lease agreement you enter into, it makes a lot of sense to have a Seattle Real Estate Attorney help you to negotiate the lease and to understand what you are signing. This is especially important for long-term leases since you will be bound by them for a lengthier period of time and for commercial leases where there are more provisions that should be included for your protection.

When you are negotiating a commercial lease, for example, a Seattle Real Estate Attorney may provide you with advice on including a clause related to competitors opening nearby. You never want to open up your business and have a competing company open in the next storefront over. Your commercial lease typically should include a clause preventing this from occurring, but you may have to negotiate such a clause with the help of a real estate lawyer Seattle. Your lease should also include information on the right to renew since you do not want to have to move your business if it is thriving in the location where it is at.

A Seattle Real Estate Attorney will point out these issues and make sure that the lease contains details that are protective of your rights. Likewise, landlords will also need protective clauses in the lease related to noise, destruction of property and on-time payments, and a Seattle Real Estate Attorney will work with any landlord he is representing to help ensure that the lease is fair to his interests.

All parties to a lease will benefit from having the assistance of their own real estate lawyer Seattle, and you should not hesitate to contact a legal professional today for help when entering into a lease agreement. D